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What Should I Do If The Monitor Hurts Eyes While Using A Computer?

Computers and phones have long been a part of our life. And if at the beginning of the century the computer was used mainly for work, today literally everything that surrounds us is connected with the computer! Today, many of us spend almost all day in front of a monitor and a phone screen. And of course, this cannot but have a negative effect on our vision. As a result, our eyes hurt and become inflamed, so why the eyes from the computer monitor and the phone hurt? What should be done to minimize these problems?
Exercises, Exercises for the eyes

What to do if eyes hurt from the monitor while working at the computer?

The peculiarity of a computer screen, tablet, or phone is that the screen itself is a source of light. Moreover, this is a rather powerful source, and not just a reflective incident light, like a book or magazine. I think it's no secret to anyone that looking at a light source is very harmful to the eyes. Everyone could feel it by looking at the sun, at the light of a flashlight or car headlights. Your eyes begin to hurt and you reflexively try to close them.

Exactly the same discomfort for the eyes is caused by the screen of a computer, tablet, or phone. However, unlike other light sources, here we not only do not close our eyes. On the contrary, we look even more closely to better see the image on the screen. This results in a number of unpleasant eye problems: burning, redness, swelling, and excessive eye fatigue. In science, all these problems are called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Eyes hurt from a computer monitor: advice one

Provide a comfortable environment for your eyes. Adjust the lighting in the room so that the light hits the screen without creating glare. This is to ensure that the monitor screen is not the only light source. Then adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen so that when you look outside the screen, you do not feel discomfort. Thus, the screen should not be much brighter than the main light, and vice versa, it should not be very dim. It should match the lighting in the room.

Eyes hurt from the monitor at the computer: second tip

Exercises, Exercises for the eyes

Use aids to care for your eyes. Under normal conditions, a person blinks about 15 times per minute, but when working at a computer, the number of blinks is reduced to 4-5 per minute. As a result, the eyes dry out and hurt, and even a burning sensation in the eyes may appear.

To avoid this, it is recommended to use drops to moisturize the cornea, such as Oftagel, Vidisik, or their analogs. These drugs increase the viscosity of the tear fluid and the formation of a moisturizing and protective film on the cornea.

Drink plenty of water to avoid over-drying your eyes. Be sure to drink your daily fluid intake throughout the day. On average, it is believed that an adult needs to drink 2-3 liters of water per day.

If you love accuracy in everything, then you can calculate the required amount of water, based on your body weight, using the formula:

Men: Body weight x 35 ml water
Women: Body weight x 31 ml of water

For example, if a man weighs 65 kg, his daily water intake is 2.3 liters.

Eyes hurt from the monitor at the computer: Tip three

Exercises, Exercises for the eyes

If you have to regularly and for a long time look at the monitor screen and there is no way to take breaks or reduce the time spent at the monitor. Then you just need to start doing eye gymnastics.

When you look at the screen, your eyes are in the same position and hardly move. As a result, the eyes hurt from the screen, and the muscles of the eyes are always in one position. The essence of eye gymnastics is to stretch the eye muscles and restore blood flow to them after a long time spent in front of the monitor.

You can do eye exercises whenever you like. For example, before going to bed and even if your eyes do not hurt, they can be done simply for prevention. To achieve tangible results, you need to do them every day! Just like you do home exercises or exercise.

Exercises for the eyes:

  • Close your eyes and, without turning your head, look as far as possible to the left. Hold your eyes in this position for 5-10 seconds, then also to the right and return to the starting position. Do this several times.

  • Then follow the same procedure, but looking up and down. Also lingering at the maximum points. This exercise is great for stretching the eye muscles.

  • Close your eyes and rotate them along the maximum path, as if drawing a circle around the eyes. First in one direction 5 circles, then in the other. This should be done slowly and in a maximum circle.

  • Close your eyes with all your might and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this exercise several times.

These simple and easy exercises will keep your eyes sharp and in good shape. The main thing is to do them regularly and in good faith every day.

Protect your eyesight and be healthy!