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Only One Error That Makes We Age

Just one mistake that keeps us old
Have you ever noticed that people of the same age look completely different? Some are cheerful and full of energy in adulthood, while others are sickly and decrepit. Do you think your best years are ahead of you, or do you feel that all the good things in your life have already happened? How do we define the line beyond which we age? According to new research from Trinity College Dublin, the way we answer this question could predict our physical and mental flexibility and how we will feel as we age. People with a positive outlook on old age are more likely to remain physically and mentally alert, the researchers said.

What is our main mistake, and why we look so different when we age? We invite you to understand this issue together.

Just one mistake that keeps us old

The results of the study were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences. 4135 participants in the Irish Longitudinal Study on Aging (TILDA) were surveyed about aging and measured their cognitive and physical abilities through testing. And two years later, testing was repeated.

After comparing the data, the researchers observed the relationship between people's perception of the aging process and their health. Those who viewed old age as a negative process tended to move slowly and had lower cognitive scores than their more positive opponents. Even when considering treatment, mood, life circumstances, and other health problems, the researchers found that those who viewed their aging positively did better on cognitive exams.

“We all get older, and negative attitudes toward aging throughout life can have negative effects on mental, physical, and cognitive health,” said Deidre Robertson, Ph.D., a postdoctoral researcher at Columbia University.

So, the main mistake that causes us to grow old is a negative attitude towards old age. It's time to test your attitude as we all age. Additional research shows that the benefits of a positive attitude will only benefit you in the future. You are more likely to recover from disability if you think your best years are ahead. You will also be able to trust others more and there is even evidence of improved happiness, wisdom, and a disgusting sense of fashion as we age.

What to do when we age and what benefits to find in it:

  • The older generation has more free time at their disposal. This is a great opportunity to do what you once dreamed of but didn't have enough time. You can learn to play the piano or another musical instrument.

  • To keep up with the times, try to read more books and learn something new. Reread poetry and classics. Surely, you will be able to look differently at the works known to you, already from the standpoint of past years.

  • Spend some of your time learning foreign languages, such as reading your favorite works in the original language.

  • Now you can interact more with your grandchildren, thereby helping your working children.
  • Try to find an interesting hobby and get the most out of it.

  • To keep yourself in top shape, you can do sports or yoga. Various sports have a beneficial effect on health promotion in adulthood.

  • Due to the fact that the needs for things are decreasing, you can travel and visit the countries and cities that you dreamed of in your youth. An example is retirees from Europe, whom we quite often see traveling around the world.

  • You can diversify your life and become an irreplaceable consultant with experience in your professional activities.
  • Expand your social circle using various Internet sources.

The list goes on, but it looks like this is already enough evidence that the best should only come in our lives. Look for the positive in everything and enjoy every day of your life.

We are getting old, but only our attitude to it determines our inner and outer state!