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Exercises to Quickly Fix Round Shoulders

Posture disorder is a persistent deviation from a physiologically normal body position. Often people who work at a computer for a long time or simply with their heads lowered, carrying heavy loads, acquire the habit of maintaining their body with their shoulders extended forward. The muscles maintain this position even at rest, forming round shoulders.
Exercises To Fix Rounded Shoulders Posture
Exercises To Fix Rounded Shoulders Posture
If the shoulders are constantly in a lowered state and pushed forward, some muscle groups are in constant tone and become shorter, while others are stretched and weakened.

How to fix round shoulders

To determine if you have this problem, you need to do two small tests:

  1. Position of the palms - you need to stand up straight and relax your hands. Now pay attention to how your palms are positioned. If they go back, then the shoulders are round.
  2. Shoulders position - should lie on your back on the floor or any hard surface. If your shoulders do not touch the floor, then your shoulders are round.

Exercise to correct round shoulders
Sit with your back to the wall, make sure that your back, lower back and pelvic region are firmly "adhered" to the surface. Place your hands against the wall to make a right angle, as if you are about to lift dumbbells over your head. Keep your hands pressed against the wall. Raise your arms up, if you have round shoulders, then your hands will tend to move away from the wall. You will have to try and make sure that your hands remain pressed to the surface during the entire exercise. Do this exercise regularly, do 3 sets of 15 times in the morning and evening.

Exercises To Fix Rounded Shoulders Posture

You will feel the result after the first lesson. You will feel that your shoulder blades are pulling together, and your shoulder muscles are pulling back.

Fixing the effect

You will have to constantly work on your back, form a strong muscle corset. In addition, you need to relax the stiff muscles and layers of the fascia to bring your shoulders back into position. For hard areas, you can use a massage ball.